November 16th – 18th, Bethesda MD


Hello Region II Family!

My name is Rachel Judge and I’m your 2018 Fall Regional Conference (FRC) Chairperson. On behalf of the Region II Executive Board (REB), I would like to extend you a very warm welcome to grow and fellowship with us from November 16th through 18th at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel in Bethesda, MD for this year’s Region II Fall Regional Conference. The theme for this year is “R2FRC: Explore. Engineer. Elevate.”

The Region II Executive Board has carefully created a great conference that will give  you the tools to explore your community, engineer solutions to tomorrow’s problems, and elevate yourself and fellow NSBE members around you. We want this conference to be a culturally relevant experience that teaches you how to be HYPE (Help Your People Excel) through valuable interactions across different NSBE demographics and professional development. Our goal is to make sure you understand your impact as the  student-led movement that the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) needs in order to thrive. When you leave Region II FRC,  you will have gained knowledge on how to be successful in the Model Region, how you can gain from NSBE, and how NSBE gains from you too.

Throughout the conference our workshops will be centered on topics such as entrepreneurship, networking, furthering your engineering career, leadership development, community impact, and development of identity as a young Black professional. You will be challenged by participating in our exciting competitions like Hackathon, Academic Tech Bowl, NSBE Debaters,  and NSBE Elevator Pitch. We also want you to attend the career fair and network with our corporate sponsors to potentially land an internship or co-op. For NSBE Jr. participants, I encourage you to participate in competitions such as Try Math-A-Lon, PCI Talks, and workshops that provide both leadership and academic development. At this year’s conference, we want you to step out of your comfort zone and engage and build relationships with all attendees. We are a stronger Society when we learn from each other.

Region II, let’s remind the entire society why they call us “The Model Region”, just in case they forgot! Are you ready to to represent the D-E-U-C-E at the most HYPE FRC in the entire society?! If you are ready, you should join us and accept the challenge to #ExploreEngineerElevate your future.

With NSBE Love,

Rachel C. Judge

2018-2019 Region II Fall Regional Conference Chairperson

National Society of Black Engineers




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FRC 2018 APEx Luncheon


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FRC Registration Rates

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Programs & Competitions

Below are all Competitions for FRC. Check this page often for updates and competition registration openings. Click on the links.

Click here if you would like to participate as a judge for the competitions

Collegiate Competitions


Join us for this special 14 hour Hackathon designed for NSBE collegiate members. Learn what it takes to build a prototype in this fast paced competition. Prizes will be provided at the end of the event. Open to all students, programmers and non-programmers alike, with the purpose to allow participants the opportunity to bring a new and innovative idea to life by building a working prototype alongside their peers and industry professionals. Teams will be composed of no more than 4 students to a group and each member is REQUIRED to register prior to the deadline.

Technical Research Exhibition 

Participation Guide for TRE

The Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) is a competition designed to showcase the NSBE members’ skills in technical writing, theoretical research, and oral presentation, and it incorporates two tracks: Preliminary and Showcase. TRE, which is held during each Fall Regional Conference (FRC) and National Convention, is judged by technical professionals.

Region II FRC Academic Technical Bowl 

Participation Guide for ATB

The objective of the Academic Technical Bowl is to encourage and showcase Academic Excellence and understanding of the fundamental principles of engineering covered in the usual senior engineering standardized tests, for example the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam, or Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) Exam. The FE and FS exams are sometimes erroneously referred to as the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) and the Surveyor-in-Training (SIT) exams.

The Art of Technical Communication (ATC)

Participation Guide for (ATC)

The Art of Technical Communication Judging Rubric 

In collaboration with STEMedia Inc., The Art of Technical Communication (ATC) is
designed to showcase NSBE members’ technical experiences through creative mediums such as poetry, art, multimedia, and more. This interdisciplinary competition challenges future engineers to develop innovative and imaginative techniques to express their knowledge of STEM, and bring awareness to their unique experiences in STEM. This will be the first ATC hosted at a NSBE Conference.



NSBE Debaters showcases the technical, analytical, and delivery skills of members through culturally relevant debates. NSBE Debaters involves the proposal of a specific case statement related to the proposed topic by the Government team, while the Opposition team demonstrates that the case statement is not correct. Throughout the debate, students have the opportunity to cross-examine one another in order to determine the debate team.



The purpose of the Elevator Pitch 2.0 competition is to focus on the business idea without the full details of implementation. This competition will give NSBE members the opportunity to showcase their skills as entrepreneurs while pushing them to pursue non-traditional engineering paths. This year, Elevator Pitch 2.0 will be a “shark-tank” style competition in which members will be able pitch their business venture, product, or idea for two minutes against other entrepreneurs to see if their vision is viable for implementation.


PCI Competitions


A fun and challenging competition that builds math skills, promotes logical thinking and sharpens students’ analytical abilities.

Requirements: Each team will consist of four (4) NSBE Jr. members in grades 6th-8th.

2018 FRC PCI Talks

A public speaking competition designed for high school students to have the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills and highlight the diversity of thought on culturally relevant challenges in our society.

Requirements: Presentation must be no more than 7 minutes; Any media (video, PowerPoint, etc.) must be sent to prior to FRC.


A Math competition designed to help groom TMAL team members for success in STEM courses and prepare them for standardized SAT/ACT testing. TMAL consists of two components: In-person testing as a team and a quiz bowl.

Requirements: Each team will consist of four (4) students and a mandatory alternate; Grades 9-10 are in Lower Division and grades 11-12 are in the Upper Division.


For any questions please contact the Programs Chair at